The model car is a symbol of the Renault Arkana-crossing coupe, a unique fusion between the elegance of a sedan and the ruggedness of an SUV
The Renault car Arkana expects a new offer for the Renault C segment with global ambitions: after its first appearance in Russia in 2019 it will be launched in other markets
This new model of the Renault range will contribute to the Group’s international expansion, particularly in the Russian strategic market.
Arkana is not currently sold in Europe.

At the Moscow Motor Show, Renault will show the famous sports car Arkana a distinctive crossover that announces a new world vehicle. Its unique design will be a true innovation in the highly competitive C segment.

The C segment is currently the most dynamic and stimulating sector of the automotive industry, particularly SUVs. The needs of customers are increasingly diversified. Arkana was born from the new expectations of these customers. It offers an incredible balance between the elegance of a living room and the ruggedness of an SUV.

Arkana’s auto show has a powerful and captivating design:

Robustness is expressed through ground handling, large wheels and large 19-inch wheels for good off-road capability. Robust vehicle prepared for difficult driving and adverse weather conditions
The elegance of the high ceilings and the slanted side-foot coupe with chrome accents and the panoramic glass roof

“The Arkana crossing car coupe is distinctive, a perfect balance between elegance and the power of a living SUV. We have gone to the specific indexes of Renault, with a strong design, strength and sensuality with a French twist. “said Laurens van den Acker – Senior Vice President, Corporate Design of the Renault Group

This new production of vehicles will be produced and marketed in several countries, starting with Russia in 2019. Renault Arkana is manufactured and sold in Asia and other regions, but with the same unique design adapted to customer expectations. Local. The model can not be sold in Europe.

As part of the strategic plan “Drive the future”, the Renault Group intends to accelerate its international development to expand its product range to increase the sales volume of 5 million units before 2022 Arkana key role to achieve this goal.

The Renault Group maintained almost a third of the Russian market in 2017 (448,270 vehicles sold / 28% market share). Russia is today the second largest market of the Renault Group and is destined to become the Group’s largest market at the end of the plan.

“The idea of ​​this innovative concept came from Russia and the project was carried out with the participation of strong teams Renault Russia.Arkana responding to the aspirations of both Russian customers and new customers in many countries around the world, which will allow the Renault has continued its international growth as part of the “Drive the Future” strategic plan, explains Nicolas Maure, senior vice president and president of the Eurasia region.

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