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The new RX L opens a new dimension in terms of convenience and ease of use for the Lexus luxury crossover, the first seven-seater model to be offered in Europe. This important addition to the RX range meets the priorities of the families’ integrated versatility, which provides additional seating elements when needed, thanks to a third row of two individual seats and convenient and easily adaptable cargo space.

True to the principles of excellence and Omotenashi hospitality experience. The Lexus RX was designed for this purpose, an elongated rear body ensures that there is no compromise with comfort or quality for all passengers. In the same way, they take into consideration all the details so that the additional seats work smoothly, luxuriously and comfortably, like the rest of the vehicle. The servo control allows you to lift or extend the most protected seats by pressing a button. It also provides a beautiful leather cover and a new three-zone air conditioning system with independent controls for the occupants of the third row.

The RX body expansion was achieved without compromising the elegant design and coupé of the vehicle, nor its extremely manoeuvrable character. The hybrid LOAD hybrid Lexus RX 450hL loader has a V6 petrol engine with direct injection of 3.5 liters, with a maximum power of 259 hp / 193 kW at 6,000 rpm and a torque of 335 Nm at 4,600 rpm.
The total power of the hybrid engine (combined engine and electric motors) is 308 HP / 230 kW. Tool group The tool group has large readers with easy reading, with a multiple information screen placed between the energy meter screen and the tachometer. The indicator light changes according to the selected driving mode: blue for Eco and Normal and red for Sport / Sport S / Sport S +. Safety system HEALTH AND SAFETY PILOT Lexus RX L is equipped with the safety system of the Lexus + safety system, a combination of multiple integrated safety functions that provides exceptional levels of active safety and assistance to the driver to prevent accidents.

The pre-collision system is the heart of the Lexus + security system. Use a front camera and a millimeter wave radar to detect vehicles and pedestrians on the road. If the collision risk is calculated, the controller automatically detects and provides additional braking force when the brake pedal is applied. If the driver does not react and the system considers that the collision is imminent, the brakes are applied automatically to reduce the speed of the vehicle and the force of an impact, the safety belts are tightened. The radar unit is used to provide adaptive speed control, which helps the driver maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in the front.

Once the route is finished, the RX L automatically accelerates to its predetermined cruise speed. The kit also includes a Lane Assist function, which detects when the vehicle deviates from its lane to the road and helps the driver to take it to the runway safely. Lane Keep Assist uses a windshield camera to track the vehicle’s path between road signs painted on the road surface.

If you think that the RX L is about to leave your route without using the rotation indicator, the system will activate a warning on the multiple information screen and cause the steering wheel to vibrate. Appropriate directional control force will also be applied to help recover the vehicle. E-Four 450hL total transmission system The RX is equipped with a sophisticated Correu Quatre Lexus propulsion wheel, which uses an additional electric motor on the rear axle. Reduces energy and fuel consumption by limiting the operation of the traction system to the wheels if necessary and by allowing the rear-mounted electric motor to act as a generator to charge the battery when the vehicle is in recoverable braking mode . Additional safety functions The cameras used in the RX L rail maintenance assistant also provide an anti-aging warning function. This monitors the position of the car in its lane and the entries of the driver’s address. If it detects the vehicle’s rotation, caused by driver’s distraction or drowsiness, it will issue a warning and display a warning on the multiple information screen, which recommends the driver take a break. RX 450hL price The prices of the RX L range are shown in the following table. PRICE MODEL OTR RH 450hL ES – € 59,995 RX 450hL luxury – € 54,095 RX 450hL Premier – € 69,995.

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