The Touareg passenger cabin remained stable during the forward shift test. The simulated readings show good protection of the
The knees and the femurs of the driver and the passenger. VW has shown that this level of protection would be offered to the occupants of
Different sizes and places in different positions. The breast protection of the driver’s chest was considered marginal, according to the incorrect readings of the compression performed during the test. Coffin: the compression of the driver and passenger dummies has also led to a marginal evaluation of the protection of this part of the body during the test of the rigid barrier across the width, protecting well or with all other areas. During the lateral barrier test, the Touareg obtained the maximum points with a good protection of all the parts of the body. In the lateral test of the most severe lateral pole, the thoracic protection was considered marginal, based on erroneous readings of nerve deviation. Tests on the front seats and headrests have shown good protection against the neck against antivessal injuries in the event of a subsequent collision. A geometrical evaluation of the rear seats also revealed good protection against the chip. The autonomous emergency braking system (AEB) worked well on the low speed driving test, where many cervical injuries occur.


In the frontal slip test, all critical areas of the body were well protected or adequately protected. During the impact of the lateral barrier, all areas of the body were well protected. The front passenger safety cushion can be turned off to allow the use of a child’s cleaner in this position. The driver is clearly informed of the conditions of the airbag and the system has been adjudicated. All restrictions for children for whom the Touareg was designed could be installed and adapted correctly.

Vulnerable path users.

The Touareg has a “retractable” hood for additional protection of pedestrians. The sensors in the front of the car detect when a small person has been hit and the actuators raise the buzzer to provide greater separation to the rigid structures of the engine compartment. VW showed that the system worked hard for several statues of pedestrians and different speeds. Therefore, the vehicle was tested with the hood in a high position. The protection of the head was practically good or adequate. The bumpers provided good leg protection for pedestrians at all test sites and maximum points were evaluated. However, the protection of the basin area was poor in almost all places. The AEB system can detect vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists. The evidence of this characteristic showed satisfactory efficacy.
the performance


The AEB system has worked well in highway functionality tests. The Touareg has a seat belt reminder for the front and rear seats. The rapid assistance system, which consists in recognizing the maximum speed and within a limit defined by the driver, is considered appropriate. The Lane Assist system helps prevent the driver, but can also intervene in certain emergency situations.

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