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The longevity of some cars tends to invade. Example: this Lexus ES 2019. Can you believe that you are looking at the seventh generation model? The ES, with the leading sedan of the brand, the LS, are the two oldest brands in the history of the brand. On sale since the creation of Lexus in 1989. More specifically, this means that the family of ES resolves Generation Y: it is a millennium.

This may seem surprising because, in the course of his life, ES was considered a conservative and decidedly elegant offer. Historically, it was a model that appealed to the fact that it was easy to recommend “older” buyers who preferred quality as a comfortable trip, a quiet shack, and an unlimited property over all other attributes.
Mounted at the head of its new GA-K chassis, the 2019 model seems ready to keep the touch of the ES family conquered. After spending a day in the car in Tennessee, I can confirm that it is truly serene and that it enjoys excellent mounting quality and excellent soundproofing. In addition, there is no reason to assume that the new ES will provide exceptional exceptional reliability.
But this is where the friends of the new model look like AARP. Unlike the previous versions, the ES 2019 adopts its serene behavior without resorting to a flexible suspension that ends in a disorderly maneuver in case of pressure. And he does it all with a new and daring look.

Like this famous and censored generation of people born between the 80s and early 90s, the new ES has matured considerably. In fact, the SE and the millennia share some associated characteristics: Lexus’ confidence is successful and has a surprisingly strong family motivation. In terms of attributing to ES another generalized belief about Generation Y, the technological mind, I have my reservations.

Stylistically, ES began dropping hair in the next generation, but not as dramatically as the automobile seen here. The 2019 ES measures 2.6 inches longer, 0.2 inches lower and 1.8 inches wider than its predecessor and is based on a wheelbase of more than 2 inches, while the rear tracks are significantly overlapped and from the rear. Delivery? The new ES is characterized by more athletic and substantial proportions, in addition to an improved cabin.
As before, the ES range includes all front-wheel drive sedans (ES 350) and hybrids (ES 300h). A novelty for 2019 is a third option, the ES 350 F Sport, with a very delicate appearance.

Style tips

The models that are not F Sport ES (like the ES 350 Bordeaux shown in these photographs) will be easily identifiable on the street thanks to their unique interpretation of the Lexus Spindle Grid brand. In this application, the large group has a quality of “sand on sand”.

As you can see here, the controversial Lexus style element is less successful than the larger LS sedan and, of course, its elegant LC coupe. That said, the grid adapts much better to the overall design of the car than to the timid version used in the departure model (which still seemed to be the medium-term cooling device added).
Akio Toyoda, the head of Lexus parent company, Toyota Motor Co., made it clear a few years ago that boring designs would no longer be tolerated, and the Lexus team took this message heart to heart. The Lexus ES 2019 is certainly safer and more elegant, thanks to its wider grille, its bright and bright headlights and its deliberately thin body. However, I can also see how his more aggressive face can keep some of the more conservative buyers out of the car.

What is below

The ES 2019 not only brings a new jacket, more dynamic and safe, but also has more underlying muscles. Thanks in part to the increase in the use of high strength steels, the new ES platform is more rigid. And while ES shares much of its white body with the more prosaic Toyota Avalon 2019, there are some important differences, such as the increased use of laser welding and structural adhesives to further improve rigidity. In particular, the ES receives a V-shape mounted behind the rear seats that improves the bending resistance of the torsion at the expense of the possibility of bending the rear margins for

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