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Catering: the BMW plant in Spartanburg is preparing to launch the production of the new BMW X5. Almost 20 years of leadership in the market and at the heart of the BMW range. The production of the fourth-generation BMW X5 is similar to that of Spartanburg, the world-class center of competition for the BMW X family.

The BMW X5 is more than half of the 4.4 million vehicles produced in Spartanburg since the opening of its plant in 1994. While Americans enjoy the holiday week and prepare for their adventures In the summer, preparations for another are about to be completed at the BMW plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina:

the final stages of production preparation for the new BMW X5, which will begin in the summer. Four generations of leadership. As the fourth generation of the BMW X5, the new model combines a proud line and a long tradition of leadership.

When launched about 20 years ago, the original BMW X5 not only launched the BMW X model family, but also the commercial vehicle segment (SAV) for the sector. Since then, the BMW X5 has become a pillar of the BMW model range, with over 2.2 million copies worldwide in the first three generations of models. In the United States, the BMW X5 has been classified every year since 2001 among the first three BMW models.


This great success is due to several extensions of the Spartanburg plant in BMW, which is now the largest BMW factory in the world. From South Carolina, BMW X models for the United States and the world. The new BMW X5 will be the tenth model produced by the Spartanburg X plant since its launch in 1994.

As the world center of BMW competitions for the X models, the Spartanburg plant was already very active in 2018; The new BMW X5 was preceded by the launch of the new BMW X4 in April.

The Spartanburg plant also builds the BMW X3 and X6. With these new models and the high demand for BMW X models in the world, production in Spartanburg will continue to increase in the coming years and the ramp is expected to take full advantage of the annual capacity of 450,000 units. BMW’s production facility in South Carolina is the largest exporter of automobiles in the United States.

Since the introduction of the original BMW X5, two out of three vehicles have been sold to customers outside the United States. Together with the X3, X4, X5 and X6 models built by Spartanburg, more than 70% of the annual production is sent to the export markets. Spartanburg plant. The workforce also increased significantly at the Spartanburg plant, from 500 in 1994 to more than 10,000 today, and 1,000 are expected to join the group in 2021.

A study conducted in 2017 by the University of South Carolina reveals that As a result of these jobs, BMW works directly at a BMW plant in the United States. Purchases of parts and materials for production in our US factory by BMW in the United States reached almost $ 6 billion (USD) in 2006 from more than 300 US suppliers.

The construction of the factory uses a sandwich training system that combines face-to-face learning with practical experience. In the last ten years, the BMW Group has invested more than $ 220 million in professionals and without interruptions at the Spartanburg plant, and another 200 million are planned for the next five years. Training programs are carried out in collaboration with local universities. What they said then: historical comets.

“The success of the X5 can be attributed directly to automotive designers, to our parts suppliers and to the many dedicated employees who continue to work together to create such a special vehicle.”

– Mr. Josef Kerscher, then president of BMW Manufacturing, June 8, 2010 “It is a day of great pride for all the inhabitants of South Carolina and the BMW family, which speaks of the quality of the workforce of SC, the supply chain and BMW One of the largest automakers in the world Today, one million after X5, BMW is one of the great success stories in the history of South Carolina.

This step gives us hope for the future and it is a positive sign that our state will prosper the next few years through world-class production. ” – American Senator Lindsey Graham, June 8, 2010 “We created the X5 to offer customers the best of their Two worlds With the X5, BMW gave birth to a new category, the vehicle for sporting activities.

BMW’s legendary performance, style, luxury and technology with the breadth and versatility of a traditional SUV, especially the X5 is fast and a pleasure to drive the authentic BMW. “

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