The new Toyota Corolla 2020 is ready to shake the sedan of the world from the new dynamic design platform tnga for the agility and the new and exceptional comfort of the engine dynamic force of 2.0 liters of 169 horsepower and is available from standard form Entune d Audio 3.0 with Wi-Fi, Amazon and Apple Alexa carplay The compatibility of the Toyota Corolla 2020 sedan is presented as a true eco-yes four-door, a six-speed manual transmission available.

In the last decade, Toyota has focused on the construction of reliable and forgotten vehicles. Lately, however, it seems that society is beginning to take an interest in the driving experience. The exclusive European Yaris GRMN seems to be a revolt; The fifth generation, Supra, is a real sport. And the recent Corolla hatch that we recently made is a pleasure to save money from the old school book. Now, Toyota has just introduced a sedan version of this new Corolla, and this seems to be a step in the right direction. The Corolla 2020 sedan is essentially a four-door version of the Corolla 2019 hatch, which presents the design elements, the bases and the transmission of this car. From an appearance point of view, it resembles the front door, with a sharp cutting panel, a retractable fence and powerful headlights.

The back, of course, is totally different, with a small diffuser and a double exhaust that, unlike the sedan, is not a bait. The interior is in pure Corolla, with a card and a well-equipped technology, such as Wi-Fi and Apple CarPlay compatibility. The car will be offered in five versions: L, LE, XLE, XSE and SE. It seems a lot, but here you have everything you need to know: the first three quarters have a natural suction line of 1.8 units up to the last Corolla Corolla, connected exclusively to a CVT transmission with a first physical relationship. XSE and SE can be equipped with a new 2.0-liter engine that produces 169 horsepower and 151 pounds of power. partners More importantly, you can get this 2.0-liter engine with a real six-speed manual transmission.

Those who love the economy are happy! The price of the Corolla sedan in 2020 has not yet been announced, but our Car and Driver colleagues believe that the price will start at around $ 20,000 and could exceed $ 25,000, depending on the options and the level of investment. finished. Toyota says the car will be available at dealerships in the US UU Since the spring of 2019. We think this will be fun like the Corolla sedan we reviewed in the next video. What’s new in the Toyota Corolla 2020? Entune Audio 3.0 standard Wi-Fi, Amazon and Apple Alexa. New 2.0-liter engine that develops a power dynamic of 169 hp of a CVT transmission and the new metallic color option of the 6-speed manual transmission available intelligent dynamic gearshift, Celestite XSE gray and Spare parts SE New and Cool colors Silent cab New shock absorbers for the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 Sport standard and more

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